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The products we list here are carefully researched products that i think will serve your needs as a biker. A lot of the products i have had personal experience with, or have spent some time researching them. All our products are listed on amazon.co.uk we act solely to point you in the direction of things we think will be of benefit to YOU. The stock changes quite often, if we find special deals we may add these so you are aware of the bargains before anyone else! If there is a product you would like to see listed then please get in touch and we will do our best to find something suitable.

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Cateye LD130 Front and Rear Light Set by CATEYE

£19.99 £15.00


£149.99 £54.99

Park Tool TS25 - repair stand mounted truing stand for pcs10

only £34.99

Cateye EL-130 Front Light by Cateye

only £18.84

Park Tool PCS10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand by Park Tool

£174.99 £118.76

C&b Seen Wide Angle/diffuser Lens For 1000/1200 Lumen Bike Lights ...

only £3.00

Originally i started this site to provide nothing but high power lights direct from china, however over the last few years the site and its interests have grown significantly. we now cater for many different niches and provide gift ideas for the mountain biker that has everything!